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November 9, 2012


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VIDEO GAME CONTEST! You get 10 points for entering

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:55 PM

*All EDITS will be posted with a *

*Also check out the Christmas O.C. Love Package I am giving away! Just follow the…

Hello again everyone! Since the last contest was such a huge hit I have decided to host another one! This one has the theme of Video Game Characters in honor of the new movie Wreck It Ralph! Your submissions can include any video game character (does not have to be from the movie!) or a Wreck It Ralph character. I like the idea of contests with lots of freedom for the theme so have fun! You get 10 points just for entering! And a BONUS +2 for writing a journal entry! In my last contest, DA members received over 1,000 points, not including prizes! Question? Please Check the F.A.Q's at the bottom of this journal BEFORE asking me questions! I welcome you to ask me (I promise I don't bite) but a lot of the common ones are already answered in the F.A.Q.'s

*Contest Closes: December 22


1. You must Favorite this journal.

2. Entry must fit with the theme.

3. Your entry must be a NEW deviation.

4. You must be a member of DA (you DO NOT have to be a premium member) for a minimum of a month from your entry's post date. (this is due to people trying to enter with more than one account to get the entry points again.) But don't be disheartened! Please note me if you are a DA member under a month and would like to join! I just need to keep track of those who are.

5. If you aren't already a watcher, please watch me so you will get contest updates (feel free to remove the watch once the contest is over but I will be holding more contests!)

6. Bases are not allowed unless you note me first.  

7. Nothing inappropriate. If you look through my gallery, you will see I have very little taste for anything nude or too violent. Minor blood is fine.

8. *DO NOT SPAM/RE-POST YOUR ENTRY LINK. If I find more than 2 links for the same entry in the comments I will NOT enter it in the contest. I have tried saying this nicely in the F.A.Q.s but no one appears to be listening so now there will have to be a consequence. I have somethings going on in actually life right now so please be respectful.

9. Please have fun! I just want everybody to have a chance at some points and to join in!


1st Place:

200 Points

1 Free Adoptable

1 Free Chibi OC Commission

2nd Place:

125 Points

1 Free Adoptable

Free Chibi Commission from :icondeathauther:

3rd Place:

75 Points

1 Free Adoptable

4th Place:

50 Points

1 Free Adoptable

5th Place:

30 Points

6th Place:

20 Points

7th Place:

15 Points

Honorable Mentions

8 Contestants will be awarded Honorable Mentions. They will each get 5 Points.


:icononly2you: :thumb336707812: Received :points:

:icondeathauther: Axel Skateboard by DeathAuther Chase Harvest Moon by DeathAuther Assassin's Creed Smuggler by DeathAuther Swiming vaporeon by DeathAuther       Received :points:

:iconnightmare-moon222: Dishonored Corvo by Nightmare-Moon222 Received :points:

:iconsiletrea: red xiii by siletrea Received :points:

:iconbobbdapenguinn: Sergeant Calhoun by BOBBDAPENGUINN Received :points:

:iconquitfeedingurdragons: Contest Entry: Smash Bros Melee by quitfeedingurdragons Received :points:

:iconyolikehi: Pacman by Yolikehi Received :points:

:icondoko-latte: :thumb336655701: Received :points:

:iconireinicfantasy: Tekken - Lili by IreinicFantasy Tekken - Asuka by IreinicFantasy   Received :points:

:icontaylorjdw: kingdom hearts SORA by TaylorJDW  Received :points:

:iconlilywonder: Venellope Von Schweetz by Lilywonder   Received :points:

:iconmr-biscuit-bat: :thumb337142644:    Received :points:

:iconnaru-derp: ellis my fav *contest* by Naru-derp    Received :points:

:icon28weasle: Skyrim: Sovaria Colored by 28weasle    Received :points:

:iconjmmiii: :thumb337544981: :thumb337533361:     Received :points:

:iconwaito-chan: Meta Knight from Kirby by Waito-chan    Received :points:

:iconsarahhardy01: Wolf O'donnell by SarahHardy01           Received :points:

:icontheartisticgenius: VirtuaFighter- Akira Yuki [Contest Entry #1] by TheArtisticGenius  MEGAMAN X5 (Final Contest Entry) by TheArtisticGenius          Received :points:

:iconsmileymonkeylurvesu: :thumb338624205:          Received :points:

:iconaz-drus: Cheese [TFM] by Az-Drus         Received :points:

:iconnikko-usagi: Nights by Nikko-Usagi Earthworm Jim and Monkey Ball by Nikko-Usagi Earthworm Jim! by Nikko-Usagi      Received :points:

:iconthe-lily-maiden: Contest Entry of Zelda by The-lily-maiden         Received :points:

:iconnevershoutelric: GLaDOS by nevershoutelric       Received :points:

:iconteambrownie1: Link VS. Dark Link #2- 'serious this time' by teambrownie1       Received :points:

:iconwaiting-for-wings: :thumb338815708:       Received :points:

:iconepicdango: CE: Sonic the Hedgehog by epicdango       Received :points:

:iconpokiichi: Cloud Strife by Pokiichi Cloud Strife -Wip by Pokiichi        Received :points:

:iconikkinyan: Casual Rosalina~ by Ikkinyan       Received :points:

:icontrufflepopelectric: Glitch's Creed by TrufflePopElectric       Received :points:

:iconshadow4699: Joy The JoystickThere once was a joystick named Joy,
Who fell in love with a boy.
His name was Button,
His favorite food mutton,
And his life endless by far.
"I'm telling you, you can't fall in love with me whatever you do." Button said.
"Why not?" Joy asked.
"Because I'm immortal, buttons will last forever. Joy, we both know joysticks won't be around for long. I'll do fine but eventually you're going to be old news." Button explained.
Button then put his jacket and hat on and left Joy's house. Joy fell onto her knees and began to cry. Button was her first and only love. For another fourteen years she did her duties but always remembered him. She saw him whenever a new console game out, a new game's manual was being printed. It tore her up inside. Until one day she got sick of being alone, and went to Mrs. Analyst for help.
"Hello ma'am." Joy greeted Mrs. Analyst, an old friend of hers.
"Why, hello Joy. Welcome, but I must ask as to why you're coming into m
      Received :points:

:iconwzupkid: Video Game Fair by wzupkid        Received :points:

:iconconceptualcns: :thumb339824240:         Received :points:

:icondeathauther: Swiming vaporeon by DeathAuther       Received :points:

:icondoko-latte: :thumb341563833:       Received :points:

:iconkira-rin02: :thumb340795241:       Received :points:

:iconmximumzone128: Xion [Contest Entry] by MximumZone128       Received :points:

:icons-i-m-p-l-y: Blondie~ by S-i-m-p-l-y       Received :points:

:iconscoutwalker: Dishonored by ScoutWalker       Received :points:

:iconthewitchofgrich: Sofia Sartor by theWitchofGrich       Received :points:

:iconskylar-wolf: Missile Contest Entry by Skylar-Wolf       Received :points:

:iconwzupkid: Video Game Fair by wzupkid       Received :points:


Q. Do I have to enter the contest to get the BONUS +2 Points?

A. You do not have to enter the contest to get the Bonus Points! However, the Journal must contain contest link, deadline, and theme.

Q. Can I use a base?

A. You must note me first and you must follow ALL of the rules of the original and post a link to the base in your entry's description.

Q. Can I enter more than once?

A. You ARE allowed to enter more than once! You, however, cannot win multiple prizes or more than 10 entry points.

Q. Can you please extend the deadline!? I really need it! Thank you!

A. I always appreciate the politeness but please's and thank you's will not change the deadline.

Q. Why haven't you posted my entry/the results yet?

A. I have a life outside of DA and sometimes things just get busy and I might be absent (beside posting art from my queue) for a week straight. I have not forgotten about you or missed your link! I promise! Please don't fill up my messages with repeated links or spammed comments.

Thank you!

May your day be filled with cuteness!
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Wolf265 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Artist
Hey, I entered and I don't see my entrie in this journal T.T
Also, I didn't received the points
You was on inactivity? Cause If that hapenned then don't worry, I understand :3
akaimurasaki1 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*cries* i read the contest date wrong :( ....i though it was due the 25th so i was going to finish the last few details and post it today (24th where im at)
Queen-Of-Cute Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am accepting any and all late entries NOW! They have to be in by the 15th so I can start my new contest!
akaimurasaki1 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
omj ok!
akaimurasaki1 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
the pic is up and i linked the contest journal's link in it too
MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
My last minute entry! I don't know which time-zone the deadline refers to, anyway here you are: [link] :eager:
Silver13riolu Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Whee~ I had fun doing this one! Thanks for your awesome contests!
PixieParrot Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist

My entry!~
yomuyat Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello~ here is mine. Hope i am not too late :D
Runya-Isamu Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Finished! [link] Hope you like it! :D
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